A true minimally invasive discectomy procedure extends beyond surgical access and allows for native tissue conservation where it may benefit the patient. Performing a discectomy that results in an open defect has been correlated with a higher risk of reherniation.4 Surgeons who use a tissue sparing approach while minimizing the residual defects have seen improvements in procedural outcomes. 18


The AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit was developed to augment the existing standard of care for herniated disc repair procedures. The AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit may be considered for patients undergoing herniated disc repair procedures if the surgeon identifies that the tissue is amenable to repair. This procedure may not be appropriate for all patients, and not all patients may benefit.


Features of the AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit:

Compatible with minimally invasive surgical option for suitable patients

Facilitates suture access in difficult to reach locations

Can be used in herniated disc repair procedures aimed at disc preservation