About Anchor Orthopedics

The Anchor System was developed an easy-to-use suite of products in minimally invasive herniated disc repair procedures. We envision products that help surgeons preserve and strengthen the natural anatomy of patients. Guided by this vision, we design, develop and manufacture surgical devices through an iterative design process. Our engineers work closely with surgeons to develop solutions that address unmet clinical needs. These designs are produced in our manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Anchor Orthopedics aims to provide surgeons with novel solutions that optimize procedures in disc repair in an effort to preserve the biomechanics of the patient. Our mission is to work closely with surgeons on all aspects of development to create superior clinical solutions that serve to improve the lives of patients around the world.

Extensive scientific and usability research studies have been conducted to optimize the design and surgical techniques for all of our clinical solutions. Our facilities are located in Boston (USA), Toronto and Montreal (Canada). For more information, contact us at info@anchorortho.com.