Anchor recruits commercialization expert to expand surgical use of herniated disc technology

TORONTO, (August 31, 2017)—Anchor Orthopedics XT Inc. has hired a commercialization expert to support the corporate-wide strategy to expand global sales and improve patient care through innovative surgical technologies.


Pat van Gelder assumes the newly created position of Global Commercialization Director, leading the sales and marketing teams in the U.S., Germany and Canada. Van Gelder is responsible for all aspects of commercialization for the Anchor family of products, including its main product, AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit – a minimally invasive, easy-to-use clinical solution for use in herniated disc repair procedures.


“Pat’s impressive track record of achieving results through team work and innovation will prove critical as we implement our international growth strategy,” says Neil Godara, General Manager of Anchor Orthopedics, which develops and manufactures its technologies in Toronto. “His extensive sales and marketing experience will help us accelerate the commercialization of the AnchorKnot® system, and bring the promise of herniated disc repair procedures to even more patients globally.”


Van Gelder has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry, and has held senior positions with several multinational companies, including Bard Canada, Johnson & Johnson, Genzyme, and most recently Sanofi Pasteur as head of Sales and Marketing. “One of my top priorities at Anchor is to lead the company’s commercialization activities, in close collaboration with physicians and other external stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients” says van Gelder.


Van Gelder has served within numerous industry-led organizations including MEDEC – Canada’s Medical Technology Companies, contributing to the Orthopaedic sub-Committee and the Executive Committee for the Canadian Orthopaedic Care Strategy Group. He most currently served on the Board of Directors for Life Sciences Ontario.

“In my experience, collaboration, trust, passion and putting the patient at the centre of everything we do are key ingredients to a successful company,” says van Gelder. “That’s one of the main reasons I joined Anchor. The focus on patients is integral to its corporate DNA.” “We look forward to working with Pat to support our sales team and bolster our commercialization activities,” says Godara. “We will also continue to collaborate with our parent company, Baylis Medical, to leverage their international experience to bring our medical solutions to more hospitals and patients worldwide.”











About Anchor Orthopedics

Anchor Orthopedics XT Inc., the developer of the AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit, aims to provide surgeons with novel solutions that optimize herniated disc repair procedures in an effort to preserve the biomechanics of the patient and improve surgical outcomes. Our mission is to work closely with surgeons on all aspects of development to create clinical solutions that serve to improve the lives of patients around the world. Anchor Orthopedics XT Inc., located in Mississauga, Canada, is a subsidiary of Baylis Medical Company Inc.

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